Why thinx!

thinx! empowers hotels with an Open Hospitality Platform that unifies business applications, visual analysis, property integration and data discovery in a single, integrated cloud platform. Your team will love using thinx! applicartions.


Market Insights

See the Market from your Guests Point of View

Market Insights.

Market Insights from Thinx! provides a complete view of the market and eliminates the guess work of keeping rate parity in-check.

Lower Costs

Let Market Insights allow you to see the market from guest's point of view. Market Insights searches and finds discrepancies so that you can correct.


Set and maintain your rate strategies by managing rate parity across all your distribution channels and save time by finding the discrepancies that have the highest impact.

Integrated Alerts

Market Insights alerts you when descrpeancies are found and allows you to quickly see the channels that are affected. Use integrated alerts to save time and manage rates across all your channels.