Why thinx!

thinx! empowers hotels with an Open Hospitality Platform that unifies business applications, visual analysis, property integration and data discovery in a single, integrated cloud platform. Your team will love using thinx! applicartions.



The technology landscape in hospitality can be somewhat intimidating. Hospitality executives at every level are trying to cut through many decisions related to technology and seamlessly implement the technology solution into operations to derive value and achieve results that delight guests.

Thinx! provides tailored consulting services that are designed to help hospitality executives implement complete solutions that directly achieve business objectives and marketing strategies.


Integrating technology solutions with your systems delivers and operations drives results.

Thinx! offers a complete range of development services with a unique process allowing you and your team to preview the solution ahead of anything being implemented. Our unique process and experienced development team can help you build the right integrations, technology solutions and marketing content to achieve the value and results that you need to beat the competition.


Service delivery is often challenging when solutions don’t work as designed, especially with the landscape of technology changing rapidly and hotels implementing solutions that require deep integration. Additionally, the support of hotel teams with technology is critical to the success of the hotel.

Thinx! offers a full range of support services from annual processes like establishing sales goals to complete coverage of monitoring distribution channels and daily support of users.