Why thinx!

thinx! empowers hotels with an Open Hospitality Platform that unifies business applications, visual analysis, property integration and data discovery in a single, integrated cloud platform. Your team will love using thinx! applicartions.



Transform your distribution with API-led Connectivity

xHub Integration Services

xHub is the only platform that lets hotels and hotel companies realize business value through API-led connectivity.

Unified Connectivity

Connect your property management system, apps, data and devices anywhere, on-prem or in the cloud, with the industry’s only platform for API-led connectivity. Design, run, manage and analyze services and APIs, all on a single platform.

Lower Friction

Leverage open standards and developer-friendly tools for speed and productivity. Compose, not code, with pre-built connectors, services, and other reusable components.

Lower Costs

Flexibility in connecting and integrating with distribution systems and partners is the start. With xHub integration services, you pay for what you use and for what delivers value!

Future Proof

Connect anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. Achieve full flexibility with many existing partners and benefit from extensibility to connect future partners and distribution platforms.

xHub is a unified, flexible integration platform that solves the most challenging connectivity problems.

Design Quicker
Use visual integration tools
to design, test, manage,
and monitor cloud
integration jobs.
Cleanse Accurately
Use profiling and data matching tools to understand and cleanse cloud data more accurately.
Run Anywhere
Easily deploy, run and manage the same job in the cloud or on the ground.
Scale Instantly
Scale up with instant, elastic and secure capacity.
Deliver Sooner
Leverage built-in connectors
to speed up integrations and maximize functionality.